Free your knowledge

“ArcaNotes is like Slack for notes.
Fast, natural, and fits with how I work.”

– Shelby F.

“I love the AI features. They save me time, help me organize, and feel a bit like magic.”

– Ethan T.

“It’s my second brain – the place I go to dump my knowledge and get it back when I need it.”

– Vidal H.

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Store rapidly

  • Designed for speed of entry
  • Taking “micro-notes” faciliates knowledge capture
  • Store first, organize later

Retrieve naturally

  • Review your notes like a feed
  • Organize simply, with topics
  • Search…or ask your notes a question 

Share effortlessly

  • Share notes with one click
  • Follow other user’s topics, updated live like a feed
  • Open (part of) your mind to others

Work faster with AI

  • AI engine recommends topics based on your note’s content
  • Q&A: Generate answers by asking your notes questions using natural language
  • Receive suggestions of who to share with based on past actions

Maintain privacy

  • Your data never leaves ArcaNotes’ database
  • Database is 256-bit AES encrypted
  • AI engine is private and runs on your machine

Free your knowledge…free your mind

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