Work faster with AI

How ArcaNotes uses AI to let you work more efficiently


ArcaNotes allows you to organize and group notes into topics. It’s a flexible method and cleaner than the typical method used by other note apps – nested layers of folders and sub-notebooks. While it’s designed to be as quick as possible, you still have to think for a moment about what topic to assign. Here is where ArcaNotes uses its AI technology to help. As you type a note, ArcaNotes analyzes it and recommends topics that are the best fit. As you add more notes and assign more topics, it learns how to suggest the right topics. 

It feels a bit like magic to watch as topic matches appear while you type, but there is a very real goal – to let you work faster and more naturally. To spend less time doing “work about work”. To not have to break your train of thought to make sure you are filing something in the right place. To keep knowledge capture flowing as freely as possible.  


Retrieving information by searching via keywords is standard and often good enough, but a more natural method is to ask a question using natural language. ArcaNotes uses AI technology to enable you to ask your notes questions. It interprets the meaning behind your question and returns the best answer along with the note the answer was sourced from. 

The aim of ArcaNotes is to become your personal knowledge base. Your second brain. ArcaNotes question and answer capability takes this concept of a second brain beyond just storing your thoughts and information. It becomes an engine for answers based on your knowledge. Since it only uses your own notes as its data source, the more notes you store, the better its answers will be.


One of the biggest challenges of working collaboratively is ensuring the right information is shared and consumed. ArcaNotes is designed to make sharing information as effortless as possible – sharing requires just a couple of clicks. ArcaNotes uses its AI technology to simplify that process by recommending who to share with based on previous actions you’ve taken. Reducing the steps and time required to share is the goal – making it easier to share will mean knowledge flows more freely. 

Data Privacy

ArcaNotes does not share your data with any third-party services. The AI technology that powers ArcaNotes runs directly on your machine or device. Your notes data never leaves ArcaNotes’ encrypted database that stores your information. Metadata related to your notes and the AI calculations never leave Arcanotes. Your privacy is of utmost importance. 

ArcaNotes doesn’t generate content

What ArcaNotes does not do is generate text on your behalf. I.e., it doesn’t write your notes for you. ArcaNotes is a tool to help you efficiently store and retrieve knowledge. Many great tools exist today to help you write content based on a prompt or summarize information gathered from public web searches. They are useful and fun, but their goals are different than ArcaNotes. Arcanotes is not a writing tool. It’s not a search engine. It’s not going to chat to you about how smart your last note was. It generates answers, but only based on the information you’ve stored. Moreover, those answers are intentionally terse, because we expect that you want a quick answer, not a long discourse about some other topic.