Share knowledge effortlessly

ArcaNotes strives to make sharing knowledge as effortless as possible.

Why sharing knowledge matters

Sharing information efficiently is one of the biggest challenges of working collaboratively. Too often, knowledge that people would like to share is sequestered inside individuals’ brains or personal tools.

What causes information to be siloed and not shared

Sharing knowledge takes effort. It requires “work about work”. It’s typically an inherently redundant process. You’ll have information that you’ve captured in one tool (like a note app or document), and then you have to use another tool (like a wiki or plain email) to repeat the same information. Anytime there is friction in a process, people will use it less often. This is true for information sharing, and it hampers people’s ability to work from the same pool of knowledge. Or worse, it leads to misunderstanding and conflict because two parties are starting from different pools of knowledge.

How ArcaNotes makes knowledge sharing effortless

Share notes topics with one click

Sharing a note with ArcaNotes is simple. Just click from a list of users. If you are trying to share with someone for the first time, an invitation will be sent to that user. This process is relatively unoriginal but easy to adopt. What gets more interesting is blending sharing with topics, in a feed-like format.

Follow other user’s topics, updated live like a feed

When a note is shared on ArcaNotes, the viewer sees the note categorized under topics. The result is an interface where you can follow a user’s stream of notes by a topic.

This behavior is intended to be used similarly to how people on Slack or Teams catch up on activity by viewing what has been posted to a channel. With ArcaNotes, you view a feed of another user’s stream of notes (that they’ve chosen to share) for a given topic.

Open (part of) your mind to others

The idea is to bridge the gap between capturing information and sharing that information. Rather than use two tools or introduce redundant steps, just share the stream of notes for a given topic. Other users can opt to follow and catch up on their own schedule to “get on the same page”.

How ArcaNotes enables note sharing is a crucial element behind ArcaNotes’ goal of reducing the amount of “work and work.” Open up (part of) your mind to others (for the subset of information you want to share ) without having to rewrite and repost that information redundantly. Asynchronously catch up and receive knowledge from others, on your own time when you need it.